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While a foodservice consultant aims to assist with creating business plans, cost analysis and control, as well as suggesting menu and recipe development when it comes to operating, managing, and running a business within the food industry, a foodservice design consultant is there to primarily plan or design a space that can accommodate all the equipment needed to properly run, manage, and operate that business. They are in charge of designing a space that accommodates the equipment rather than putting equipment into a space that is incapable of handling it. They also aim to tell clients about what sort of space they’ll need within the space to run the business as smoothly as possible. A design consultant is there to listen to the client and adhere to their specific needs so that the business is successful and does it’s job without causing hassle for everyone involved. This type of consultant’s main focus is design, but in the end they want what everyone wants: what is best for the client and to help them achieve their goals for their business in a way that they are proud of.

What Steps Does a Food Service Design Consultant Take?

A design consultant’s main concern is facility layouts and equipment. While the design process is usually the last step in the business plan process it is still important to hire the right design consultant because the process tends to be very specific. Design consultants take the ideas from architects, designers, and chefs and turn them into detailed documentation that leads to getting the proper spaces built for these businesses to thrive. Each process is specific in order to keep any change orders to a minimum to preserve project timelines and budgets. Each step in the process gets to project to the end goal: consistent, high quality food preparation that is delivered efficiently in a pleasant atmosphere. Here are the steps a food service design consultant takes to help clients get their projects going:

  1. Ensures continuous communication with the project team. Constant communication with the architect, client, and construction engineer should be the project consultants main focus. The consultant explains to the client the work scope and helps them understand how to work with the project team. They advocate for the client’s best interests and communicate them to the rest of the team while educating the client on what is being done throughout the entire process.
  2. Write up documented reports. Documentation of all decisions made is the responsibility of the design consultant. All the communication that the consultants started between the team should be documented during the entire process. These documents also need to be written in a way that every person on the team can understand because they are what is used to adjust to and explain revisions and budget shifting. 
  3. Deal with revisions and improvisations.There are going to be changes to the project and they should be tracked and monitored by the design consultant. All foodservice consultants should be flexible and so they can create designs that allow for future reinventions. The design consultant should also help establish a contingency fund that can be used to make the necessary changes without dipping into the planned budget.

Steps Forward with Momentum

The foodservice design consultant is vital to operating and running your new food industry business because they are another link in the chain that makes the process flow smoothly. The best foodservice design consultants will provide you with a plan that is both cost-effective and space-efficient. When you work with Momentum Sale and Marketing, we can provide you with a design consultant that is going to put all of your design wishes and needs first. We advocate for all our clients and we aim to provide only the best advice in all areas of food service consulting. When you hire a design consultant you are stating how serious you are about your business and moving towards ensuring that your business is in it for the long haul. Foodservice consultants and foodservice design consultants can help you establish a space and business plan that will work together to provide you with a structure that will lead your business to success.

Momentum Sales and Marketing, Your Choice For Food Service Consulting

Momentum Sales and Marketing is a Foodservice Consulting and Business Solutions Firm that will introduce you to a customized sales and planning process that will help you reach your goals within the food service industry. Our goal is to help clients improve their profitability and refine their business performance so it is at its highest standard. You’ll always have access to our team with our On-Call Consulting platform because we want to help suppliers become the business others want to do business with. Our dedication to integrity, leadership, and responsibility can help you get all the wins you aim for within the industry. All three of our partners have been a part of the industry for over a combined 100 years, and we only hope to expand our experience and knowledge while we help you navigate understanding your business, developing solid customer relationships, traveling along the value chain, and training those who are going to help further along your business. As the food service industry continues to evolve, we want to help you grow along with it.



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