Foodservice Trend in 2021

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2020 has gotten the foodservice industry in one crazy ride. Due to Covid-19, the foodservice industry has been greatly affected in all aspects and got hit the hardest. From production level to distribution to sales. Government’s instruction to shutdown restaurants and other foodservice outlets truly has been a devastating and unfortunate experience for many. With a vaccine now available, it seems that we now have a somewhat clearer road to recovery at least. However, it seems that the effect of the coronavirus will still persist in 2021.

Foodservice Trends that will Matter in 2021

It is now 2021. We should now try to move forward, try our best to get back on track, and find more suitable solutions to the challenges that the foodservice industry is faced with. The idea is to get the business to be stable again in this new normal situation that we are all in. So, what are the foodservice trends that will matter in 2021? According to some articles, foodservice trends that will matter in 2021 are the following: 

  • Low-To-No Contact Technologies – Due to Covid-19, businesses now have to think of a way to provide their services/products through contactless transactions. It is also important to still make the whole transaction experience safe, smooth, and convenient as much as possible. 
  • Explore Outdoor Options/Solutions – Many are resorting to offer outdoor dining experience. 
  • Revamped Menu – Menus of today is said to include more items that intended to cleanse the body and increase immune system, 

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The situation that we are in now is indeed different from other situations. It can be tricky and quite frustrating to handle and figure everything out on your own. Consult now with a reliable Food Service Business Solutions Firm. We promise to help you and guide you in the right direction. The managing partners of Momentum Sales and Marketing have a combination of 100 year’s experience when it comes to Foodservice and CPG channels. At Momentum, we have expertise in all levels of the Foodservice Value Chain. We are capable of providing our clients with an understanding of where to focus and how they should focus. In addition, the tools that we have developed can help clients improve profitability and be able to manage business performance. We created an On-Call Consulting Platform that enables our clients to have instant access to our team which sets us apart from our competitors.



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