About Us

A Foodservice Consulting and Business Solutions Firm

Momentum Sales and Marketing is a specialized Foodservice Consulting

Our mission is to offer a unique slate of commercial services to help our clients get a good start in Foodservice and deliver superior results. All three of our Partners have over a combined 100 years’ experience in the Foodservice and CPG channels. Momentum has experience and unique expertise working with all levels of the Foodservice Value Chain and we specialize in helping Foodservice suppliers win with their trading partners. We offer Four Services to our Clients: Consulting, Business Intelligence Analytics, Strategic Customer Relationship Development, and Training and Education. Our Priority is to help clients penetrate and grow faster in the Foodservice channel.

Through our customized Sales Planning process combined with our on-going Sales and Marketing Consulting services, we help our clients understand where to focus and how they can win.

Through our Momentum Analytics Department, we have developed several Proprietary Tools (Momentum Analytics FS Price, Momentum Analytics FS Max) to help clients improve profitability and manage business performance. These tools manage Price Strategy, Price Policy, Investment guidelines, Supply Chain policies, Performance Tracking and customer ROI.

Our On-Call Consulting Platform enables our clients to have instant access to our team. Our experienced leadership and understanding of the channel provide clients with differentiated knowledge and access. We are in business to help suppliers become Easy to Do Business with and protect the middle of their P&L.

“Integrity, Leadership, Responsibility”


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