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Did you know that the global food service market size was worth $3.4 Trillion in 2018 and is expected to grow even bigger ($4.2 Trillion) by 2024? Indeed, the food service industry plays an essential role in the U.S. economy. As the Covid-19 still in play, there can be two things that can be expected. One, it can be expected that there will be a huge change and long-term impacts on all levels of the food service industry. Second, there will be a change in consumer behavior and expectations. It would not hurt to be aware of such changes to be able to fully prepare and be able to adjust in all aspects when it comes to what is termed as “the new normal.”

2020 Food Service Trend

Nowadays, social-distancing and heavy sanization is strictly followed and done. Furthermore, these items are now a high concern for many. These things are an indication of major needed modifications and enhancements in the business model and business operation. Not paying attention to these will cost you in the long run. Based on an article, here are essential points to ponder, know and consider:

  • Consumers

    1. Increase used of Delivery
    2. Heightened Sense of Food-Safety
    3. Sanization Behaviors
    4. Increase of Curbside Pick-up
    5. Digital Ordering Solutions
    6. Enhanced Take-Out and Delivery Packaging
  • Operators

    1. Industry Downsizing
    2. Fewer Expansion
    3. Shifts and Recovery
    4. Broader and Stricter Sanitation Services
    5. Supply Chain Transparency and Tracking
    6. Local Sourcing
    7. New Investments in Take-Out, Drive-Through, and Delivery Units
    8. Embracing No Touch Convenience
  • Manufacturers

    1. Heightened Collaboration and Communication in All Levels
    2. Disaster Planning
    3. Greater Transparency
    4. Disaster and Contingency Planning
    5. New Product Investment

Momentum Sales and Marketing, A Food Service Consulting Firm

With the situation at hand, now is the best time to consult with the experts in the field to help you prepare and guide you in the right direction. The managing partners of Momentum Sales and Marketing have a combination of 100 year’s experience when it comes to Foodservice and CPG channels. At Momentum, we have expertise in all levels of the Foodservice Value Chain. We are capable of providing our clients with an understanding of where to focus and how they should focus. In addition, the tools that we have developed can help clients improve profitability and be able to manage business performance. We created an On-Call Consulting Platform that enables our clients to have instant access to our team which sets us apart from our competitors.

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