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In the food service industry, we still rely on a method called “train the trainer” which can be time consuming and sometimes not the most effective. At Momentum Sales and Marketing we partnered up with True Stream Media to create a training program, Food World Live, that will change and enhance how food service professionals obtain access to key information that pertains to their training. We offer this training platform to all of our clients so that they can train and educate their employees in a way that is unique and sets them apart in the food world. This training platform gives clients access to vital information regarding how other companies have successfully created and sold food products by learning about the benefits of the industry and understanding the competition and consumer. Sharing this knowledge is the aim of this training system so that our clients can run businesses within the industry that are more effective and efficient. When you work with us, you and your employees will be introduced to a unique training program that will get your business running on the proper foot.

What Is Food World Live?

The aim of the Food World Live online training program is to make information readily available so that the Foodservice value chain can improve how it transfers knowledge. The program aids in knowledge transfer to make improvements within all aspects of the food service industry. By using this program the hope is that sales cycles will speed up, training will be more efficient, travel time and money for trainers will be lowered, there will be an increase in selling time, more help will be presented to operators, and more customers will be delighted. Food World Live was created to be the preferred destination and tool for industry professionals, so that’s why True Stream Media partnered with us at Momentum to develop the most comprehensive and interactive training solution. The training site includes the following accessible features for business owners:

  1. A “One Stop Shop” with all the necessary information in a central location.
  2. Proactive linkage with suppliers to coordinate all current content.
  3. Greater Access via online and offline apps.
  4. New innovations in video training – the videos are fully interactive with broad functionality.
  5. A place to email and attach documents to customers or associates directly from the portal.
  6. Multi-sensory learning experience: increase user engagement and improves information retention.
  7. All activity is captured with analytics and provided automatically via weekly reports.

The critical information that each business would like for their employees to retain is then presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand. They’ll be introduced to not only their training but also, field sales tools, marketing collateral, corporate initiatives, live events, product specs, and best practices. The user is in the driver’s seat with this program, which puts them in complete control of their viewing experiences to create a more effective and tailored learning environment for that highly sought after knowledge transfer.

Training and Learning with Momentum

As partners and creators of this new innovative training program, Momentum Sales and Marketing strives to put it in the hands of and to use with the people we aim to work with. We know that making sure your employees are properly trained is an important piece of the Foodservice process and with the Food World Live program we can make that as easy for you as possible. The portal is user friendly, delivers content right when it is needed, has flexible options for the individual needs of each business, and makes it easy for each user to maximize from the benefit of the Food World Live solution. Whether you’re a visual learner or someone who learns by reading, the Food World Live portal provides both visual demonstrations and supporting documentation and resources so users can learn through their preferred method. Plus the program has both PC and Mac access as well a mobile app that lets you take your training on the go. Because of our 100+ collective years of experience in the food service and packaged goods industry, at Momentum we know that this platform created by True Stream Media would be a game-changer in the food service industry. Together we’ve developed solutions that meet that need for improved information transfer in the industry and want to pass it on to our clients so they can train and educate employees who will fit into the business plan they’ve developed and help their businesses reach every one of the goals they’ve set.

Momentum Sales and Marketing, Your Choice For Food Service Consulting

Momentum Sales and Marketing is a Food Service Consulting and Business Solutions Firm that will introduce you to a customized sales planning process that will help you reach your goals within the food service industry. Our goal is to help clients improve their profitability and refine their business performance so it is at the highest standard. You’ll always have access to our team with our On-Call Consulting platform because we want to help suppliers become the business that others want to do business with. Our dedication to integrity, leadership, and responsibility, can help you get all the wins you aim for within the industry. All three of our partners have been a part of the industry for over a combined 100 years, and we only hope to expand our experience and knowledge while we help you navigate understanding your business, developing solid customer relationships, traveling along the value chain, and training those who are going to help further along your business. As the food service industry continues to evolve, we want to help you grow along with it.



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