Coronavirus and Food Service

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How to Keep Customers from Fleeing in Fear with the Outbreak of Coronavirus?

As the COVID-19 unfolds, it has sparked anxiety among many consumers about dining in and dining out. The fear of public gatherings and uncertainties about the cleanliness of the restaurants stirs suspicions.

Now is the time to heighten both safety and sanitation measures to be able to protect both your employees and consumers. Aside from being updated about the information and guidance provided by the industry in terms of ensuring food is safe in all stages of protection, the following are the things that you can do to ease the fears of many.

Put Cleaning Front and Center

It is pretty common that extensive cleaning was done after operation hours mainly due to the fact that everyone is busy making and serving food during the entire operation hours. With the current situation, now is the time to show customers that you are cleaning upfront and center. Allow your consumers to see you cleaning all the handles, countertops, machines. Make sure all your equipment is labeled appropriately. DON’T FORGET TO WASH YOUR HAND! Do this often, especially when taking and serving an order.

Inform and Assure

Showing customers that you are regularly cleaning the whole facility is not enough. Keep them informed of the sanitation system and/or processes that you have implemented to assure them that all precautionary measures are being done as your commitment to their safety and of the employees working. One way to do this is by posting signage for them to read. Furthermore, inform them of the safety processes being taken by all the people involved in all levels of your operations

Do Not Panic

With the rapid outbreak of the virus, fear is easily building up and things can turn into an overreaction. Do not do things that will make you go overboard that can affect your customers even more.


Keeping these things in mind is still the best advice in keeping your customers happy and from fleeing in fear. If you need further assistance in all aspects of FoodService, Momentum Sales and Marketing is a specialized foodservice consulting firm, that has unique expertise in all fields of Foodservice. With our experience and expertise in all stages of the Foodservice Value Chain, we have helped countless Foodservice suppliers to win with their trading partners. We prioritize helping our clients penetrate and grow in the Foodservice channel. We also help our clients to understand what areas to focus on and what it takes to win. CONTACT US


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